I want EMI option or I will pay only after I get results.

Right now it’s not possible for emi option but definitely we may consider in future to help you. Coming back to your second question, right now no body in the world is giving you 100% money back guarantee whereas Sri chandrashekhar guruji is giving. Even noble profession like doctoring,advocate,or teaching profession you cannot say that you will make payment only doctor succeeded in his operation, you will make payment only if your lawyer win a case, you only pay the fees if your children’s are passed in their examination.

Can I only do selected Vaastu tips of what Saral Vaastu has suggested?

Few selected vaastu tips doesn’t help you much to come out from all your life related problems.Its mandatory to adopt complete Saral vaastu science in your house/work place to get happiness and prosperity.

I don’t have time for implementation of Vaastu Tips

Saral vaastu science is very important to fine tune your earth luck there by ensure prosperity and happiness and we request you to please take out time for benefits for entire your family.

Can I trust the person who has come for Vaastu in place of Guruji

Definitely you can trust our experts. They are well qualified and well-mannered and also they are front face of the organization.

Will there be any structural changes that I will have to do?

In our Saral vaastu science we do not advice any structural change, and it can be applicable to house or work place irrespective of ownership/rental.

I have been to many Vaastu Conultant, this is one more Vaastu Consultant?

Saral vaastu is purely based on science and our consultants are well trained under guidance of Dr. Shree Chandrashekhar Guruji is again qualified civil engineer. More over Saral vaastu science is different from generic vaastu and calculated on individuals as per their D O B. We give equal importance to entire family members and gives suggestions to ensure over all growth.

What if the key decision maker changes?

First upon all Saral vaastu science will clear vaastu flaws exist in structure; thereby it’s beneficial for entire organization. Once key decision maker changes you are requested to call to our organization so that we can again visit and give suggestion according to new person and ensure continuous growth of the organization.

I did not get planning for my site. When will I get?

Your house/work place plan is very important not only for one generation but for also 2-3 generation and ensuring prosperity and happiness. Once plan complete It will be dispatched immediately to avoid in convenience.

What if I shift my office to some other place?

We request you to get approval prior to shifting in other place, once shifted do not forget to adopt Saral vaastu consultancy for your new premises.

How do I get replacement of damaged materials?

Once you deposit material cost in our bank account, materials will be sent either physically or through courier.

I took Solution but there is no improvement. What I have to do now?

You are bound to get result if you follow all our suggestion given along with individual following colors, direction etc and also do not forget to do 3 kriyas regularly irrespective of even after getting result.

I booked 15 days back when is my appointment for my office?

Please contact our office and ask for scheduling to know exact date and time of our expert visit at your work place.

Customer enquiring about DOB, good direction, bad direction, lucky number, lucky color?

You can log in in to our Saral vaastu website to get data chart or else down load our Saral vaastu app in play store to get your favorable color, direction and lucky number.

Where should I Paste Different Posters?

As suggested by our experts you should paste the posters.

What is the use of Shreeyantra/ Salt/Om Bell and placing of Wealth Vase/Pakwa Mirror?

In Saral vaastu some materials are given to minimize negative energy and some materials are given to enhance positive energy flow in your dwelling.

  • Shree yantra: to enhance wealth in your dwelling
  • Wealth vase: It will help enhancing wealth in your house/work place forever.
  • Om bell: For clearing negative energy from house/work place
  • Salt: salts are used for minimizing or eliminating negative energy and followed in our culture long time ago.
  • Pakwa mirror: Are used to nullify bad impact arise due to objects are coming in front of main door.

What is the process of Saral Vaastu?

Process followed like

  • Initial Survey
  • Assessment of Issues and Quotation for remedial service
  • Prediction
  • Saral Vaastu Remedies
  • Monitoring Implementation
  • Periodic review

Which all Corporate Sectors you have given Saral Vaastu?

We had given consultancy to numerous small and large corporate sectors and to name a few;



What product will I get along with Saral Vaastu?

We are not selling any product but we are giving life changing unique Saral vaastu concept in which vaastu materials will be given as compliment which help in minimizing negative energy and enhance positive energy flow in house or work place.

How much time it will take to get result?

After implementing all the suggestion & materials given by our experts and certified, then from that date within 180 days you will start getting positive result in all the aspects of the life.

What is the guarantee that I will get result?

Once Saral vaastu science  applied at your house or work place you will be assured positive result in all the aspects of the life like good health, the finance, relationship ,and education for  children’s etc and moreover if you are not getting results in 3-8 month guruji is giving you 100% money back guarantee

What will be the results?

Knowledge related benefits:

  • Successfully able to capitalize knowledge leads to business gain.
  • Able to get knowledgeable resources.

Career Related gains:

  • There will be healthy relationship between you and your seniors.
  • You are able to get the job as per your capability
  • You will get Promotion in job.
  • Business will be flourished.

Creativity Related gains:

  • Unnecessary delay in work will be smoothened.
  • You can successfully complete taken project which will yield more profitability.

Relationship Related gains:

  • Misunderstanding between managerial level people and labors will be eliminated.
  • Relationship with clients will be smoothened which will help in business growth.

Factory will never lock out due to good  relation with labor.

Good will or fame related gains:

  • You will start getting recognition for your quality product.
  • litigation problems will be minimized,

Wealth Related gains:

  • Your invest will start gaining profit for you.
  • There will be free cash flow.
  • You are able to pay the loan
  • You are able to save in your earnings.

Will Saral Vaastu benefit my employees also if I take for my Office?

Definitely the benefits all over-increase in operational efficiency and profitability will benefit every associate. When positive energy is enhanced at work place it will help people to work to the best of their ability which will boost success of organization.

If I take Saral Vaastu in office wIll it be given to my residence also or vice versa

You should consider residence as well since benefits from streamlining Vaastu is approximately 70% while at the workplace it will be 30%.

Why Saral Vaastu for Business?

Today’s business world is full of Volatility, Uncertainty, and Complexity & Ambiguity. And also Competition, Low margins, Liquidity crunch, Manpower shortage, Legal complications. Tried all, everything from Religious to all Vaastu Consultants. But No Strategy or Formula seems to be working .But in our Saral vaastu, We have assured solution for :-

  • To enhance name & fame
  • To strengthening financial position
  • To enhancing creativity
  • To minimizes legal issue
  • To improve relation with clients and employee
  • Over all growth and productivity of the company.