Initial Survey

  • Expert Visits the place
  • Checks for Shape of the Plot, Building and 3Offices.
  • Main Entrance of the site & Door View.
  • Location of the Master Cabin, CEO and a key staff
  • Place of Financial department, Incoming RAW material Store and Finished Goods Store.
  • Dispatching room and Security personnel room.
  • Staff placement & orientations
  • Location & arrangements of conference room
  • Direction of the Owner/Staff Cabin, Pantry, Canteen
  • Placement of Toilets and various office gadgets like computer, fax, Server etc.
  • Also surveys the exteriors of the premises.(All the above information is send to Corporate Office for assessment.)


Assessment and Quotation


  • Assessment is done based on the information collected.
  • Issues due to Vaastu flaws are identified
  • Issues are briefed to the Clients on Phone and by E-mail.
  • Quotation for remedial service is shared
  • Payment terms and conditions are briefed.
  • Written consent for remedy is taken from the client.

Payment is collected from the client as per the agreed terms and conditions and the Expert along with Customer Relationship Manager visits the client



  • Once initial survey report is received at the Corporate Office, team of experts will analyze the case.
  • Date Of Birth of the Key Decision maker is verified
  • Expert will visit the Client premises with the report
  • Will brief about the flaws as per Saral Vaastu and the issues faced by the client.
  • Expert will brief the impact of the flaws and its influence.


Saral Vaastu Remedies


  • Expert will examine the report.
  • Starts the suggestion right from the entrance of the main entrance.
  • Corporate Saral Vaastu Suggestions are given on each segments. For ex :- M D cabin, Conference rooms, Account section, Sales Managers cabin, Store & Dispatch area, Security personnel area, etc.
  • Corporate Saral Vaastu Materials are given and explained on its usage.
  • Individual consultancy will be given to all key decision maker of the organization, according to their Date of Birth.
  • Suggestion will be given for wash room, pantry and kitchen.
  • Suggests simple work to regularize more positive energy flow in business premises.
  • Remedial suggestion will be given for exterior Vaastu flaws.
  • Suggestion are given without any structural changes.


Monitoring Implementation


  • Once remedial service is given we assist in implementations.
  • Supports in implementing Saral Vaastu Materials.
  • Supports in any Carpentry, Plumbing and Electrical work.
  • Placements of posters.
  • Individual data chart is explained to the key decision maker of the organization to enhance their capability and support the organization to achieve success.
  • In case of change in decision maker or the change in premises, consultation will be given to the next authorized person or consultation on new premises will be given.

Consultation to the New Decision Maker or Consultation on the new premises will be given as per the agreed terms and conditions.

Periodic Review

In periodic review the Customer Relationship Manager meets up the client on (to be discussed) basis to monitor the performance

  • Customer Relationship Manager meets up the client with prior appointment.
  • Prepares a report card
  • Inspects whether all the remedial process are followed
  • Marks “Process not followed/ Partially followed” in the report card If the process is not properly followed
  • Collects information from client on each parameter on percentage basis
  • Verifies whether the effect is satisfactory
  • IF the effect is not satisfactory, marks it accordingly in the report card.

All the above information along with assessment report is sent to the Expert team who evaluates and suggest further action