Guruji has always been intrigued and pained by the challenges mankind is facing. As a young boy of 8 years old, he undertook a selfless task of collecting donations from people to ensure the resurrection of an old temple, which at one point of time was a place filled with positivity and hence brought happiness to people around. Later in 2001, Guruji has founded Saral Vaastu after years of research

  • Founder, Mentor, Visionary & Philanthropist
  • A scholar of Civil Engineering & Doctorate in Cosmic Architecture
  • Conducts LIVE TV program through various National Channels
  • More than 15 Years of experience in Vaastu Science
  • Recipient of 16 prestigious National & International Awards
  • Media / IT solution / Foundation / BOM

Guruji’s Five Principles

From a young and dynamic Chandrashekhar till his transformation as a philanthropist, guide, mentor & Guruji to the mankind, he has worked relentlessly to realize his dream. He has adopted these five principles in his life which have led to make him the human being that he is today.

Don’t cheat anybody in your life

Leading a life with honesty is like a detox for the soul and for people who religiously practise this seek abundance in everything that they do in personal and professional life.

Be humble even through you reach any elevated position

You may have reached the pinnacle of success, but it is very important to be always grounded and be your own self. This will ensure to bring in fame and also the desired support from people around you.

Keep your parents always happy & seek blessings from them

It is aptly said that “to care for the ones, who cared for us is one of the highest honours” – Tia Walker. By taking care of your creators (parents), sustained happiness, prosperity and success is blessed on oneself and their family.

Do help the needy people

Abundance is attracted by giving selfless love and support and especially if done to the needy people, it further enhances the abundance.

Be happy, to make others happy

Happiness starts from within our place of stay and workplace and hence it is important to ensure internal happiness which will enable to keep others happy.