Vastu for Hospitals

The environment of hospitals are mostly stressful. The stress is not only among the patients and their families, but also among the doctors and the hospital staff. This can lead to decrease in communication, dip in the productivity and compromised patient care. While most people agree that they feel physically and psychologically better if there’s positivity around, simple acts like smiles can trigger the alchemy in the building.


Sometimes, the problems or the unrest that arise in the hospital remain unknown. Here’s where Vastu comes into the picture. Just like how Vastu flaws in houses and workplaces affect the members who reside in it, Vastu of the hospitals affect the overall ambience.


Vastu for hospitals make sure that the environment in and around the hospital remains positive and stress-free. Vastu for hospitals brings in the power of Vastu that transforms the dull hospital atmosphere by locating the positive points and favourable directions.


Vastu helps in influencing the structure of hospitals. The environment in which patients receive care should be effective. So, the Vastu for hospitals has shown a significant rise in successful operations and patients get relief from their illnesses and health conditions.

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This is only possible when the environment is refreshing and filled with positive energy. Vastu for hospitals spreads the positive vibes in the rooms of the hospital as well as the surrounding. It has an equal effect on all those who are under the roof. From patients to physicians and from visitors to staff members.

Hospitals should consider,


1. To improve patient satisfaction level by giving them sufficient service in an effective way by treating them well

2. Hospitals should improve personal patient relationships

3. Hospital procedures are affecting patients in some way or other. Doctors should take utmost care of the management well in hand to avoid the problems patients face while fulfilling the procedure

4. The environment should be friendly enough

5. The structure of the hospital should be constructed according to Vastu for hospitals to further the positive vibes across the structure


It is very important to consider Vastu while constructing the hospital. It helps in developing a particular structure for the hospital such as,


1. The ideal location of the hospital
2. The direction of the Entrance
3. The direction & placement of the windows
4. The direction & placement of the rooms
5. The direction & placement of the patient bed
6. The direction & placement of the Operation theaters
7. The direction & placement of the Emergency Ward
8. The direction & placement of the ICU
9. The direction & placement of the labor/maternity room
10. The color scheme of the room
11. The direction and placement of the electrical equipment like generators, inverters
12. The direction & placement of the toilets


To understand the influence of Vastu, you can opt for Vastu for Hospitals with Corporate Saral Vaastu. From the ideal location, direction, and placement of your hospital, Vastu for hospitals is the best option..