Vastu for Hotels

Some people think Vastu is science, while others believe it is superstition. However, if you own a hotel, Vastu holds the ingredient that creates a positive experience for your guests.


Vastu Shastra serves as a body of ancient concepts and knowledge for many architects. Consulting a Vastu Expert will help you focus on balancing the energy of any given space to ensure better health and good fortune of the people inhabiting the space. Vastu is basically based on understanding the relationship between nature and ourselves to live a harmonious life. Surrounding ourselves with joy, kindness, and another expression of sweetness will ennoble us as well as our environment.


A good Vastu for Hotels will help the customers feel embraced by the space and welcomed by its invisible energy, which will provide them with peace, balance, and appreciation for being there.


Although, we can’t do justice in this brief article interpreting an ancient philosophy, we can offer a few examples of Vastu principles which are applied to a hotel property.

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Because energy is said to enter a room through the door, the main entrance of the hotels should be bigger than other doors, and it should be harmonious and balanced to make the customers appreciative and very welcomed.



The reception desk should not be located under a beam or in an area where ceiling lowers, as it might have a negative impact on the person sitting under it and which may affect his work.



The guest room is the place for guests to rest. And as it is said energy enters the room through the door, Place the bed in a command position of the guest room, so the door can be visible from the bed. To create a sense of security and stability the headboard should have a solid wall behind it.



Pictures and artworks play a very prominent role, simple brush strokes and combinations of colors bring calmness and inner peace.



Washrooms should always be far away from the entrance because it is the place where negative energy get stored.

Vastu is one such element whose principle is art, science and a whole lot of common sense. Vastu differs for every individual as it depends on his Date of Birth. As such, they’re certainly worth your serious consideration. Planning on designing and building a hotel or other hospitality developments, Corporate Saral Vaastu Experts would be happy to help you in creating a successful one with a peaceful environment.