Business Fails

Failure is a part and parcel of our life and while running a business enterprise, one may have to go through it at some point of time. A business venture involves risks and uncertainty and there is no clear and definite path to achieving success. Many successful entrepreneurs have learnt the hard way from their mistakes and failures.


Is your business going through a rough patch? Following are some signs your business is not doing well:-


  • Fall In Sales: If the sales or turnover of your business is dropping it may imply your firm is going through a bad patch and is at the risk of failing. There could be multiple reasons responsible for it like decrease in demand, change in tastes and preferences of customers etc.
  • Complaints From Clients/Customers: If your clients express dissatisfaction with regard to products and services offered by your organization on a regular basis. It’s a warning signal your business is not doing well. It will soon lead to a decline in the number of customers and subsequently the company losing a lot of business.
  • Cash Crunch: There are certain times of the year when the cash flow drops and one of the reasons could be unrealized proceeds of the sold products and services. However, a cash deficit that occurs when expenditure of the company exceeds that of its earnings, and this goes on regularly, there could be serious issue with the business.
  • Losing Customers: The profitability of one’s business relies much on the loyalty and patronage of its customers. However, if the loyal customers that may be few in number start to go away, the major portion of the company’s revenue may get threatened. It’s a sign the business is not doing well.


If your business is going through any of the above signs, it may be on the verge of a failure. However, the above signs of business failure may not always be due to strategic blunders or wrong decisions on your part.


The above situation may also arise as a result of imbalanced energy flow in your office infrastructure due to structural and directional factors. This particularly happens when main door is not in a direction that enables you to connect with the natural energy of the universe. Moreover, placement of furniture and direction in which you and your staff sit, may also be obstructing the smooth flow of energy in your office. With a balanced energy flow in office, you will be able to experience a significant improvement in your business situation.


Choosing our unique scientific solutions and applying the Saral Four Sciences (S4S), will enable you to connect, balance, enhance and channelize the energy within and around you in office. For knowing more about how to apply Saral Four Sciences email us at or call us on +91 7045 015 015

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