Vastu for Malls

Emotions play a major role in our shopping experience. Customer’s buying behaviour is linked to the emotions that run through their minds. The environment within and around shopping malls impacts customer’s moods, interests and keenness for shopping. Making use of Vastu principles can help create a supportive, pleasant and harmonious environment, within and around the shopping mall.

The principles of Corporate Saral Vaastu can help transform the dull and unproductive energy of the shopping complex. As a result, harmonious and positive energy is generated that helps to attract more customers, sales and elevates mood of the staff and customers. Corporate Saral Vaastu is a simple way to implement Vastu for malls. Its methodology is simple and utilizes the infinite power of cosmic energy for creating harmonious commercial spaces. It is unique in its approach of connecting with cosmic energy through directions, balancing through structure and channelizing through chakras.

Corporate Saral Vaastu experts are always eager to help you understand the energy influences across your commercial space. Booking an appointment with the expert, will entitle you to receive a free assessment of energy influences across various zones in your commercial space. Each of the designated zones are identical with an aspect of your business like Training & Skill development, Career & Growth, Business Relationships, Finance & Cash flow, Fame & Reputation, Productivity & Profitability and Business wellbeing. The aspect of your business that may be facing challenges and hurdles could be identified from the imbalanced energy flow at the relevant zone.

The Vastu solutions for shopping malls will transform the energy within your shop and in the surrounding spaces. A vibrant and positive energy would be experienced within and around your shop. Not only you, but your staff and visitors in that area will get drawn to your shop through its positive ambience. Within 180 days of implementing our Vastu solutions, positivity can be experienced in all aspects of your business, while benefits will keep coming to you for lifetime.

In this way you can address the root causes of the challenges and hurdles faced at your retail outlet, through our simple-to-adopt, Vastu principles for shopping malls. Adopt Corporate Saral Vaastu and bring a positive transformation in your shopping business!

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