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When we go through hurdles and challenges in different aspects of business or work life, we often blame ourselves or others. The root causes of them are linked to the workspaces and the environment in which we operate. It is the overall atmosphere prevailing in the office or commercial establishment that causes prosperity or adversity. This was scientifically proven by Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji, a civil engineer by profession. His in-depth study of ancient Vastu wisdom, Energy Work and divine awakening led him to show a simple path to deal with business and workplace challenges. The simple path shown by him transformed thousands of corporates.

Corporate Saral Vaastu is based on the simple path shown by Guruji. It is a redefined and modified form of ancient Vastu wisdom, through infusion of scientific concepts. This simple, practical and realistic form of Vastu, helps build a supportive and positive work environment, by making it Vastu-friendly. Following are simple Vastu tips for office, based on the simple path shown by Guruji:-

  • Use of Favourable Directions

An important Vastu tip for office is to use favourable Vastu directions. By positioning main door, furniture and other articles in favourable directions you can attract success, prosperity and good fortune for your business. Corporate Saral Vaastu experts will help you determine your individual favourable directions, based on your date of birth, through the use of Vastu algorithms.

  • Use of Flowers

A significant Vastu tip for office is the use of fresh flowers and plants that helps to enhance positive energy in your office environment. Their natural and fresh fragrance positively charges the office atmosphere, motivating and inspiring the office staff members to perform better. Corporate Saral Vaastu experts after understanding the Vastu of your office, will suggest ways to décor and place flowers in your office for enhancing positive energy.

  • Use of Water Fountains

Using water fountains can play a major role in enhancing the positive energy in the office environment. The sound of the flow of water, signifies the ‘calmness, peace & tranquillity’ of life. It also signifies positive energy flowing in the hearts and minds of people and the surrounding atmosphere. Water helps in the spread of positivity, hale and heartiness’ among the people around. Our experts can guide you, where and how exactly the water fountains can be placed in your office, after understanding the Vastu of your office.

  • Use of Sound Waves

As per the research of Saral Vaastu, sound waves are helpful to purify the atmosphere of all ‘evils’ and negative influences. Our experts can help you choose from among the various modes to generate sound waves that best suit your office environment.

  • Use of Other Techniques

There are other methods for enhancing the positive energy flow, based on the Vastu of your office, like the use of rock salt. Corporate Saral Vaastu experts will brief you on how and where to use them in your office.


The above simple Vastu tips for office will help to enhance productivity, success and prosperity of your business. Adopt Corporate Saral Vaastu and experience positivity in your business within 180 days.

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