Improve Productivity of the Factory with Vastu

Irrespective of the volume of your factory turnover, improving the productivity is necessary for the profitability and competitive edge in the industry. There are numerous factors that impact the productivity on the manufacturing floor like skill and efficiency of workers, processes and machinery. Besides, there are challenges such as:-


  • Emergencies (Fire, theft etc.)
  • Insufficient Cash Flow
  • Debts & Liabilities
  • Heavy Expenditures and Losses
  • Low Productivity and Growth
  • Labour Issues, Strikes and Lay-offs
  • Wrong Decision-making
  • Scarcity of Raw Materials
  • Legal Issues

Are you going through such challenges? You may be reviewing the existing practices, identifying the gaps and taking corrective measures. In the wake of the above, is your factory productivity a cause of concern for you?

What is the root cause of all these problems in your factory premises?

Besides, the operational and technical lapses, the root cause of low-productivity is the imbalanced energy flow at specific zones due to ill-placement of objects such as machinery, finished goods or raw materials. This calls for a reliable Vaastu solution for your factory.

Corporate Saral Vaastu shows a hassle free way to adopt Vastu for factory and address the issue of low productivity. The simple methodology simplifies the ambiguity of adopting principles of Vastu for Factory, applicable to different kinds of manufacturing plants. Corporate Saral Vaastu is applicable to both rental and owned property and its experts recommend the most practical Vastu solutions for factory irrespective of cast and creed.

In the absence of breakages or renovation, Vastu for factory remedies are advised. The Vastu solutions are advised as per date of births of main decision-maker and all key stake holders. Compatible directions for working and changing placement of objects are advised. An assessment of placement of machinery and equipment is done at various sectors in the factory. Blocks in the smooth flow of cosmic energy around these zones are identified and remedies are implemented for balancing the energy flow. By implementing these remedies, within 180 days, not only improvement in productivity is experienced but also other aspects of the manufacturing business like Skill Development, Business Relationships, Cash Flow, Fame & Reputation, Profitability & Growth and Overall Business Wellbeing.

The simple way to adopt Vastu for factory, shown by Corporate Saral Vaastu has transformed thousands of manufacturing plants across the country. Adopt Corporate Saral Vaastu for your factory today and experience growth and prosperity.

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