Vastu tips for hotels

Hotel industry is confronted with several critical issues. Starting from operations to guest relations, managing a hotel involves several challenges. For smooth functioning of various aspects of hotel business, the management and the staff should be in good terms. Moreover, a balance needs to be struck between the expenditures and revenues for profitability.

Are you an hotelier, and facing challenges and hurdles in running your hotel business? The root causes of it may not be apparent business mismanagement but lack of harmony in the hotel environment. These concerns can be addressed by Vastu for Hotels. As per the Vastu principles, the reasons for such challenges in hotel business, could be mapped to the hindrances in the smooth flow of energy around specific zones in the hotel premises. Each of these zones influence an aspect of hotel business like training & skill development, staff productivity, guest relations & satisfaction, business management, financial management and overall business wellbeing.

Corporate Saral Vaastu shows a simple way to adopt Vastu for hotels. It looks into these subtle energetic patterns at the aforementioned zones and their vibrational impact on the business aspects, respectively influenced by them. It is based on Saral Energy, a simple path shown by Dr. Shri. Chandrashekhar Guruji of staying tuned into cosmic energy and harnessing its infinite powers. It’s unique in its methodology of connecting with cosmic energy through directions, balancing through structure and channelizing through chakras. Corporate Saral Vaastu suggests simple to implement Vastu tips for Hotels as follows:-


  • Cleansing & Decluttering Vital Zones: A simple-to-implement Vastu tip for Hotel, it seeks to ensure smooth flow of cosmic energy across the hotel premises. Corporate Saral Vaastu recommends cleansing, decluttering and removing unused objects. This should be done across various areas like main entrance, reception, lobby, kitchen, administration office and more.
  • Using Favourable Directions: Right kind of directions are advised for positioning main door. Key stake holders are also advised to face their favourable directions, based on date of birth, while working and sleeping. Positioning main door in a favourable direction and facing them while working, helps to connect and maximize the effect of cosmic energy for enhancing wellbeing, success and prosperity.
  • Creating Positive Ambience: Use of natural plants and flowers around the entrance, reception and lobby for decorative purposes can enhance positivity and vibrancy of the hotel environment. Make sure to keep the plants well-nurtured and looked after, for giving them a healthy and vibrant appearance. Playing soothing music in the lobby, can be helpful in creating a harmonious environment for attracting visitors.

The above are simple Vastu tips for hotels recommended by Corporate Saral Vaastu to attract success, reputation, prosperity and growth of your hotel business!

Adopt the simple principles of Corporate Saral Vaastu now – attract success & prosperity for your business within 180 days and benefits for lifetime!

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