It is an important part of any factory unit to make effective use of its assets. The investments made in production are often significant. It is understood that how much it would cost to set up a factory which includes the production, machinery and technology. The best way to look at a factory is by seeing its efficiency in factory production.

Factory production losses can be the real issues that affect the operations like delivery, cost, quality, and morale, on the other hand, poor safety also has a positive interaction with its production losses. A loss in efficiency of factory production will affect the cost of overtime, the cost of reprocessing, cost for problem-solving, and recovery of profit margins.

Any factory owner’s main aim would be to find a proper balance between, quality of products or goods, the rate of production, and use of resources.

Productivity Vs. Efficiency
The measurement of output is Productivity, usually expressed as 100 units per hour or number of units per a given time. Efficiency means how well a goal is accomplished by considering the resources used, comparison of goods and amount of waste created.

These are few steps on how to develop the efficiency of a factory production

Factory Planning

Factories in developing countries are facing growing complexity in production with increasing variance and short-term products. Factory planning has to be transparent in a way that it affects the productions and is traceable. Having a modular plan combined with a continuous information is necessary. The combination of approaches on factory planning provides an analysis of the process during factory planning.


Production management

Operations management, also known as production management, controlling and planning processes to ensure a smooth flow at all levels. Production management has many responsibilities like supervision of workflow, organization’s workflow, issues related to capacity, quantity and quality, the responsibility of product and process, etc.


Production strategies

Production Strategies for Operations management can be enabled by capabilities in the digital world. For better strategies, competitive positioning, production, etc. rethink and invest in new capabilities.


Manufacturing system

A manufacturing system with unique strategies or models is very helpful as they can identify the object that comprises manufacturing. A flexible Manufacturing system can give manufacturing firms a quick advantage.


Vastu Consultation

Vastu, as we know is an ancient science, been used for centuries. As per Saral Vaastu placing machinery, colourings the factory, the positioning of the objects, machinery, employees in the factory has to be done on the basis of the Owner’s Date of birth. Then it derives the owner’s favourable directions, colour and number. Making use of these favourable directions, colour and numbers for the placement of objects, also for the seating position of the employees and the Owner will attract more and more of positive energy, peace of mind, creativity, an productivity.

If the factory is constructed and the consultation is done after that, then the Saral Vaastu expert will provide you with the Vastu remedies which are easy to implement and are done without any structural changes.

If a factory is constructed as per Saral Vaastu’s Consultation or the Vastu defects are corrected, then certainly excellent result will be seen, with the growth of the industry and its employees as well.

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