Enhance Factory Productivity

Running a factory isn’t a simple task; you need to be prepared for unforeseen changes and fluctuations in the economy. Investment in buying new machinery can certainly help to improve productivity in your factory. Regardless of the size of your business, boosting productivity is essential to enhance the business profit and maintaining competitiveness. Profitability and productivity on the manufacturing floor relies on the equipment, manpower and the processes. Before you adopt any new method for enhancing productivity, you need to ensure that the existing practices are in place or well-implemented. Following are some ways in which you can improve factory productivity:-


1. Inspect Operational Processes

It is crucial to recognize the weak points in your operational processes. Investigate the manpower, technology, and processes required for production. Use mapping and other techniques for improving your processes and even inspect the existing procedures. Creating this type of strategy helps to pinpoint the issues and record how changes influence your overall system.


2. Assess Your Path

Spend time in evaluation of your weak areas so that you can address them with the necessary changes. Examine your production processes on an ongoing basis and identify the source of your problem.


3. Change Your Process

If you are facing problems in your existing system, discuss the scope of improvement with your project managers. Allocate resources to different areas of the manufacturing unit and ensure operational efficiency and increased productivity


4. Setup A Goal

Set goals for different teams and make sure that everyone is the part of your team. Let your team know what is happening in the process what they must do and when.


5. Motivate Your Staff

The manufacturing floor is the most productive zone, where everyone works together for the same goal. There are always possibilities for conflict among team members, hence it is important to ensure that every member of your team is comfortable. This will make them cooperative, become good team players and work together towards the organizational goals.


However, there are some factors beyond these operational and strategic measures that can have an impact on the factory productivity. Even imbalance in the cosmic energy within the factory premises could also have an impact on the productivity. This energy is available in abundance and is the life force of the universe. The entire cosmos is alive because of this cosmic energy. Unless and until we are well tuned into this universal life force, we may face hurdles in getting what we want in life. Once we realize this fact, we will come to know the impurities, placement of objects and clutter in the factory premises creates the blocks and imbalances in the flow of the cosmic energy. Hence, for improving the factory productivity we need to figure out the factors that block the smooth flow of cosmic energy across the factory premises.


You can consider to adopt Corporate Saral Vaastu in case the aforementioned strategies do not work well. It is a unique and in-depth way to identify the root causes of your factory’s low productivity. Following Corporate Saral Vaastu can ensure balanced flow of cosmic energy in your factory premises and set a stage for attracting productivity, growth and profitability from the universe.


Corporate Saral Vaastu based on “Saral Energy” shows us a simple way to instantly tune in to the cosmic energy of the universe and unblock the cosmic energy flow. The unique technique helps to connect with the cosmic energy through directions, balance it through structures and channelize it through chakras.


The uniqueness of Corporate Saral Vaastu lies in the fact that it needs to be implemented only once with benefits for life time. It can be applied to both owned and rented property. Our solutions are easy to implement and do not involve any structural changes. The methodology of our solutions are personalised and based on various algorithms revolving around individual’s date of birth.


So, give your workforce a life time gift of “Saral Energy” by choosing Corporate Saral Vaastu. It will not only help them individually, but their entire family will benefit from it and lead a happy and blissful life. Once your workforce witness these changes at individual and familial level, the same will get reflected in their performance and indirectly boost organisation growth.


Adopt Corporate Saral Vaastu and experience the positive results in all aspects related to your business or production facility or factory within 7 to 180 days!

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