Vastu is a system of laws which govern how your space is arranged and how this reacts with the flow of energy. To learn or understand Vastu, you must first understand energies. Energy is the life force of the world, and is said to originate from the nature.

The basic idea of Vastu is to bring positive energy and to deflect negative energy. As in effective store design, we are not concerned about the basic aspects of Vastu, some of the basic Vastu remedies and solutions can be applied without any structural damage or spending large amount of money.

There are some of a basic Vastu principles which can be applied to a restaurant to attract customers. By following these guidelines, you’ll draw positive energy into your restaurant and make your restaurant more welcoming.


The first step to attract customer is that you must make sure that the entrance of your restaurant isn’t blocked. These obstacles can be in a form of tree or plant. Energy flows through the main entrance of any given space, having an obstacle at the entrance will distract the flow of energy.


Bright and uplifting plants in your restaurant can prove to have a difference to the usual type of restaurant, it would be a perfect oasis from the concrete jungle awaiting outside.


If the people walking by can see that the people are enjoying themselves then they will be drawn in by the positive energy. If the restaurant is too big and empty, then most likely it will look cold and give off more negative vibes.


The cash counter in any restaurant should be located in its favourable direction. Which can be done after consulting a Vastu expert, because the favourable direction will be derived on the basis of the restaurant owner’s Date of Birth.


Some say that objects should be located in their specified direction, but the actual direction can only be derived with the help of the date of birth of the owner. The date of birth will tell you about your favourable directions, colours, and numbers, these direction will help you with the placements of objects in its proper direction.


The energy flows from one person to another can easily change the situation and boost the overall positive energy. Paying proper attention to the customers will provide them with positivity in the form of generosity.


Each favourable colours have a connotation behind them, which can invoke certain feelings and emotions in the customers. These colours in your restaurant will be appealing to the eye and also to the stomach.


The basic principles of Vastu can be easily applicable in your restaurant even if you don’t believe in the energies. This principle will provide you with a great benefit being potentially drawn from them.
Simple Vastu Solutions and remedies can overcome all restaurant problems. Customers will be drawn into the restaurant because of the positive energy, and will have an enjoyable dining experience, so they’ll keep coming back.

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