Importance Of Directions at Workplace

The concept of Favourable and Unfavourable directions is very important in Vastu and fortunately, it is really simple and easy to implement. Basically, a favourable direction is the direction that provides you with a better flow of positive energy, brings you prosperity and improves your well-being (as compared to your unfavourable directions)


Your set of conditions will inevitably change, the better your energy and its flow, the sooner things will change for prosperity. Vastu can help you in strengthening your energy levels by improving the environment where you work or live.


These directions are calculated based on your name and Date of Birth. First, the Vastu chart is being prepared with the help of your date of birth, which is used to know about your favourable and unfavourable directions, colours and numbers.


There are many ways to improve one’s quality of life. Following simple Vastu remedies such as facing your favourable Directions, following your favourable numbers and wearing or painting with your favourable Colours, will help you attract the positive energy that is most nourishing, or more suitable for you and your well-being.


With the favourable direction in mind, you can rearrange your workplace, like repositioning your desk or chair and even you can make few little changes on your desk with the placements of objects and to make it more clutter-free. Finding this favourable direction in most space is really simple with the help of your Vastu chart, you don’t have to have any specific energy skill to sense it, and a Vastu expert’s advice can be helpful for this.


A comfortable office table and sitting position, the positioning of your chair, colour and style should be repositioned as per your Vastu Chart or your favourability. Even if you have some health related issues then you have to face your direction which indicates your health improvement. Facing your favourable directions activates your chakras, which increases your productivity and balance the flow of energy with an increased peace of mind.


The Directions concept of Vastu can seem to be confusing to many enthusiasts. A Consultation from a Genuine Vastu Expert may prove helpful at this moment. Saral Vaastu provides you with the best consultation of your directions, because the flow of positive energy may get imbalanced if you face your unfavourable directions.


Develop an intelligent and logical approach to Vastu, and you will really enjoy its fruit with good results after implementing them.

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