Is your workforce facing low productivity

In the present-day corporate business environment, working professionals have to go through cut-throat competition, work under tight deadlines and on top of it the ever-increasing work pressure takes a toll on them. Where is the scope for them to strike a work-life balance?


In the wake of the above is your workforce facing low productivity? Are they regularly unable to complete the tasks, not complying with the processes, while the production and sales are not getting executed effectively. Is this scenario of low productivity impacting the profitability of your business enterprise and revenue generation?


  • What Could be Reasons


Some of the causes of low level of productivity of the employees could be inefficient management; obsolete systems and processes; lack of work satisfaction among employees, while even personal limitations and in competencies of the existing employees also are responsible for lack of productivity of employees.


  • Energy Flow In Office


There is abundance of natural energy present everywhere in the universe. This natural energy, universally found everywhere is the core to all forms of creations in the universe, be it living or non-living. It is important for each one of us to not only connect but balance the effect of this natural energy around us and channelize it for our well-being, happiness and prosperity. Low productivity of employees could be due to obstructions or blockage in the connection with the natural energy.


  • How Corporate Saral Vaastu Helps


Corporate Saral Vaastu throws light on how to effectively connect, balance, enhance and channelize this natural energy around us through Saral Four Sciences (S4S) of Direction, Structure, Energy and Chakras. S4S helps identify the directional and structural factors like direction and placement of main door of office, placement of office furniture, sitting direction of staff on the floor and the like. Based on these observations remedies are advised that enables the staff to connect well with the natural energy and also balances its effect in the office environment. Due to the balanced energy flow in the office environment, the staff members are prompted to perform well, thus increasing their productivity.


  • Conclusion


So, if your employees are facing low productivity, it’s quite possible there could be imbalanced energy flow in your office. Our experts can inspect your office premises and diagnose the directional and structural causes impacting productivity of your staff. Get in touch with our experts for easy to implement solution and remedies. Email us at and we’ll get in touch with you or call us on +91 7045 015 015

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