As an Entrepreneur, you need to be vigilant and cautious about the day to day operations of your business. Sometimes, even a small negligence on your part may prove to be detrimental to the overall business. Your business needs to maintain a consistent amount of revenue otherwise it will be difficult to survive in the rat race and thrive in the market. Certain causes of losing money in business may be beyond your control and the corresponding losses may lead to the business suffering from a financial crunch.


The faster we take action to prevent the losses, greater are the chances of surviving a downfall. Carefully considering the below-mentioned scenarios can prevent such a situation from negatively affecting the financial status of your business:


  • Damage to Machinery: Certain businesses such as a manufacturing sector rely heavily on machinery for the production of goods to meet the customer’s requirement. Your business may suffer from a crisis situation due to the breakdown of machinery caused by various factors such as fire, bad weather or negligence by the workers. This may directly affect the productivity in your factory and impact the revenue in your business.
  • Faulty Products: An increasing number of consumers today are aware of their rights and many irate customers do not refrain from getting into a legal battle when they receive a damaged or faulty product. A total of 1386 complaints have been made against several e-commerce firms such as Flipkart group and Snapdeal for various reasons with damaged and faulty products being one of them. To save yourself from heavy legal claims, it is best to try and prevent such a situation by maintaining the quality standard of your products.
  • Natural Disasters: Businesses globally have faced billions of economic losses due to natural calamities, predominantly from floods as most of them are situated near coastal areas or besides water bodies. The proximity to water bodies can make the companies susceptible to storms and floods. When such a disaster strikes, it not only damages the products but leads to decline in consumer demand and affects the goodwill of the company.


Some of the other notable causes which can contribute to business losses are poor and inaccurate accounting practices, poorly pricing your products and so on. To avoid having your business in such a situation, it is important to take the necessary precautions and have a proper risk management in place.


The aforementioned causes may be apparent mistakes on your part as an entrepreneur, but more importantly you should look at the root causes. A smooth and balanced flow of cosmic energy in your office premises is the key to the success of your business. If there is any kind of hindrances in the flow of energy at specific zones in your office that impact aspects like Research & Development, Fame, Reputation & Goodwill, Business Relationships, Growth & Profitability, Financial Stability and Overall Productivity.


Suppose your business is facing obstacles in upgrading its prevailing technologies and innovation. The reason could be hindrances in the flow of cosmic energy around the zones in your office that impact innovation, research and development. By adopting Corporate Saral Vaastu you can resolve these energy concerns in a simple and unique way and set a stage for achieving the desired business growth. It enables you to connect with cosmic energy through directions, balance it through structures and channelize it through chakras. By implementing it once, you can experience positive results in all aspects of your business within 7 to 180 days. So, not only should you look at the causes of your business failure, but more importantly the root causes for you to be able to overcome it.

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