Are you selling the best quality products or offering the best services in the market but still witnessing low customer footfalls? Every retailer who runs a business has the primary intention to get more and more customers. After all, earning revenue is crucial to the survival of every business.


Following are some general strategies to attract customers in your store and improve the in-store traffic:-


  • The Design of Your Shop – A careful observation of the customers that walk into your store can help you to a great extent in deciding the layout of your store. For instance, when people enter your shop which is the first spot that grabs their attention? Make sure to have proper lighting and arrangement of items on display particularly in that space.
  • Strong Digital Presence – In today’s age, having a strong digital presence is important for every business. Remember the last time you checked the Zomato rating and reviews of the restaurant you planned to visit with your family? The online presence of your store can create awareness among the people and widen the reach of your retail outlet.
  • Employee Engagement – Employees are the soul of every business. They are the initial and direct point of contact for the customers. So how customers perceive the company depends on the attitude and behaviour of their employees. Didn’t you feel good when the staff at a store where you went shopping greeted you with a smile? Yes, we all do. Regularly training employees and offering them with attractive incentives will motivate them to serve the customers in the best way possible.
  • Attractive Offers – So an email pops up in your inbox and it reads “Flat 50% OFF! Hurry. Offer limited.” Wouldn’t you be tempted to at least check out what the offer is all about? Communicating interesting deals, offers and discounts to your customers can prompt them to visit your store and make a purchase by creating a sense of urgency. As per a report by Shopify, people react well to the colour red as it is considered to be a sign of danger. This is one of the main reasons why retailers use this colour to attract customers during a sale season.


However, despite following the above strategies, if you are unable to attract customers in your retails store, it’s mainly because of imbalance of cosmic energy within you and your dwelling. There is abundant cosmic energy in the universe. The entire cosmos is alive because of cosmic energy, which is the life force. Unless and until we are in tune with the universal life force or cosmic energy, we cannot live a happy and blissful life. Once we realize this fact, we will come to know the imbalance in our lifestyle and living spaces creates the blocks in the flow of the cosmic energy within and around us. Hence, for improving the customer traffic in retail store we need to identify the factors that block the smooth flow of cosmic energy within us and our surroundings.


Corporate Saral Vaastu based on Saral Energy shows us a simple way to instantly tune in to the cosmic energy of the universe and unblock the cosmic energy flow within and around us. The unique technique helps to connect with the cosmic energy through directions, balance it through structures and channelize it through chakras.


The uniqueness of Corporate Saral Vaastu lies in the fact that it needs to be implemented only once with benefits for life time. It can be applied to owned or rental property. Our solutions are easy to implement and do not involve any structural changes. The methodology of our solutions are personalised and based on various algorithms revolving around individual’s date of birth.


Adopt Corporate Saral Vaastu and experience the positive results in Business Growth, attracting and executing new business opportunities, enhancing brand reputation, improving financial position, improving business relationships, avoiding litigation and disputes improving goodwill and credit worthiness within 7 to 180 days.

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