Creativity in leadership is about mindfully creating fate. Creativity in business is the ability to think and to have the courage to implement a breakthrough idea. It increases the leverage, intellectual capital, vision, value system, grace and leading abilities.


Creativity is not a mystery which leads to the growth of business and affluence that is abundantly claimed these days. People with confused creativity in the abstract with practical innovation does not understand the operating executive’s problems and underestimate the intricate complexity of the business organization.


Leadership is mostly about the ability to think and also implement ideas in spite of constraints. A lock on creativity, innovation and adaptive talent is the most important factor stifling the corporate growth.


The person who carefully looks around and understands modern business techniques and speaks freely and candidly with the people will never lack Creativity. In actual terms, there is a very little shortage of creativity and of creative people in business today. The major problem is those so-called creative people who often pass off the responsibilities to others for getting down the brass tacks. These people have plenty of ideas and creativity, but with very fewer businesses like follow-through. They fail to make the right kind of efforts to help their ideas to be heard by someone and tried.


For an example, if you put a dozen of inexperienced people into a room and conduct a brainstorming session, almost anybody with the intelligence of the average business will produce ideas. The scarce, people are those who have the know-how, energy, daring, and the power to implement ideas.


Whatever the goals are, it is important that it should make money for the organization and for ourselves. To achieve that, it must get the given things completed or done. Having an idea is not important, ideas don’t implement themselves- neither in art, science, philosophy, and politics nor even in business. People implement ideas.


Yet creativity is necessary for every business- and creativity starts with somebody’s proposal. The creative person with a responsibility of spelling out the details of implementing will curb or even throttle his unique talent. Ideas are useless unless used. Ideas would be valued when they are implemented. An organization will be profited by accepting new ideas, and the creativity will benefit by getting the satisfaction of knowing it is being applied.


Having a proper flow of positive energy in a dwelling will allow the person’s Creativity to flourish. To create a positive environment Vastu plays a very prominent role. As we have learnt Vastu is all about balancing the energies around us by providing it with a proper and organized space to flow. If the flow of energy gets blocked, then it will result in lack of productivity and creativity in that dwelling. Saral Vaastu recommends simple Vastu remedies to cure the Vastu defects of the given space without any structural changes or renovation.

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