Are you presently running a departmental store, supermarket or any other retail outlet? If yes, then you are not the only one who is impacted by the advent of technological innovations. With the Internet making transactions swift and easy, customers are likely to have the same expectations from an offline store as well. The digital age has put forth several challenges for retailers across the globe as customers have high expectations like never before when it comes to their shopping experience.


As a retailer, you may have tried umpteen number of ways to increase your sales through various approaches but without any positive results. Have you ever thought that the structure of your outlet could be indirectly affecting your business? Yes, this is a fact indeed. As per the ancient system of Vastu, the placement of objects and the structure of a workplace could indirectly result in the failure or success of a business. An “L-shaped” structure is considered to be inauspicious as per Vastu and rectangle/ square shaped structure is regarded as ideal. It may so happen that people visit your outlet but walk out of the shop without making a purchase, this can be due to the prevailing negative energies in the premises. Fortunately, with the combined application of Four Sciences, namely, Direction, Structure, Energy, and Chakras, you will be able to deflect this negative energy.


The presence of positive energies in your retail store will ensure that customers have a pleasant shopping experience when they visit the store. This way they are bound to make a purchase and revisit the store. The sitting position of the owner and the direction of cash counter can also play a major role in the inflow of wealth in the store. By applying the principles of Vastu in your retail store, you can ensure smooth flow of wealth into the shop. Besides, employees are the core strength of every business and with the right implementation of Vastu, you will be able to create a positive aura where the staff can work productively. A bad Vastu of your shop can even lead to clashes or misunderstandings with your workers which can be easily overcome with the help of these Four Sciences. So, if your retail outlet is not performing as per your expectations then the remedial measures of Vastu can help to progress in your business and get an edge over the others.

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