Workplace conflicts are very common and unavoidable phenomenon in corporate world. When people with varied goals and aspirations work together, a clash is bound to happen.

Workplace conflicts can be avoided, but cannot be ignored because if those conflicts go unaddressed, it can hinder the productivity of the team. One needs to understand the reasons behind those conflicts and take some initiatives to resolve workplace conflicts.

One cannot be sure of why the workplace conflicts have occurred as there are a numerous reasons for it to take place. But, these workplace conflicts can be definitely resolved or even avoided.

Major reasons for the workplace conflicts are:

1) Varied Personality

2) Bad relationship/management skills

3) Lack of information

4) Performance issues

Workplace conflicts can be avoided, but cannot be ignored. If conflicts go unaddressed, these can hinder the productivity of the team.

There are 4 ways to resolve the conflicts at the generic level.

Listen carefully

This is primary reason of workplace conflicts. Before replying, it is very important to first listen to what the other person is trying to say and in what context. Sometimes, unintentionally, people interrupt others and create a confusion on the topic, which again becomes the reason for workplace conflicts. It is a place, where everyone needs to be heard. Hence, it is of utmost importance to listen to everyone’s opinion before coming to a conclusion.

Speak When Necessary

Choose your words wisely and look out for the time and place while speaking. One of the reasons for workplace conflicts is when one speaks without any understanding. Unnecessary talking is not entertained in the corporate world. One should be well-informed and must wait for their turn to put forward their points and issues politely and with the right choice of words. This will not only make their ideas/opinions effective but also will decrease the chances of people conflict.

Never Lose Calm

Losing calm creates a conflict which eventually effects the minds of parties in question. This impacts the productivity of the team. No matter how bad your mood is for whatsoever reason, one thing should always be in control and that is your temper. Temper plays a pivotal role in avoiding workplace conflicts creating negativity around you. It’s hard to function optimally when you are surrounded with negativity.
Vastu for office helps you stay calm, focused and at peace with your mind, enabling you to listen to people and take better decisions.

Be Patient

Patience is a key for healthy and peaceful working environment. This quality has passed all tests of time and situations. Vastu for office helps you stay positive and patient in all situations and helps you to be in control your mood . This allows you to take decisions which are in the best nature of the business.
It’s a well-known fact that wrong Vastu affects & accelerates the workplace conflicts. Hence, following the right Vastu is very critical for resolving these conflicts.

Here are few quick Vastu tips to resolve workplace conflicts:

1) Always face your 1st favorable direction in the office while choosing your seating position. It activates 7 chakras and improves the work efficiency.

2) Maintain a healthy fish aquarium in the North direction of the hall. It helps to attract positive energy at the workplace.

3) Sitting in your 1st good direction will also help you in your business growth.

If you are looking for in-depth & specific Vastu hacks for your workplace then connect with our Vastu consultant today.
Your Vastu consultant will provide quick and easy Vastu tips and remedies to resolve any workplace conflicts that you might have.

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