Why Companies can’t find the skilled employees they need

A plethora of problems are often faced by businesses at regular intervals such as low sales, soft pricing, stringent government regulations and so on. Apart from these, the one problem that has plagued companies for a long time is lack of skilled employees or workforce. There are a vast number of new jobs that are created in different sectors, such as retail, healthcare, hospitality, construction, financial services, etc. This has further made it complex for the companies to fill up new positions. How often has your inbox been flooded with resumes of unqualified candidates who don’t seem to fit your requirements? How many times have you made an offer to the right candidate who ended up not joining your company? We are sure you have been in predicaments such as these quite often.


More often than not, in spite of spending heavily on recruiters, your business might face the real challenge of hiring skilled employees or qualified labour. Also, you may find yourself in a situation where your best talent and star performers are hired by competitors. Only offering a fat pay cheque may not be the only reasonable way to get qualified employees. Developing a positive framework at workplace, where existing employees can be satisfied, happy and comfortable is vital too. Employee references are one of the most reliable approaches to attract skilled employees that are trustworthy and efficient. This way, through word of mouth, you can create a brand image for your company too. Workforce is the backbone of an organization, and for a business venture to become successful having skilled employees on board is extremely essential. Hiring and retaining the employees with the same kind of skill sets as required by a particular role or designation can be a daunting task for any organization. Sometimes, despite doing everything in your capacity, you may still not be able to get qualified employees for your business.


What if we told you there is a way to turnaround this situation in your favour with simple vastu remedies! Has the thought ever occurred to you that the negative energy prevailing in your company may be the reason for candidates turning down your offer? Yes, this is a likelihood and by creating a positive aura in your workplace, you can attract skilled professionals to your company. With Saral Vaastu’s simple remedies, ensure employees look forward to work each day with positivity and motivation. As per Vastu, you can nullify the negative vims in your company by adopting four mystical sciences namely, Direction Science, Energy Science, Structure Science and Chakra Science. The team of experts at Saral Vaastu, after thoroughly analyzing the cause of problems will provide you with simple solutions that can increase your chances of attracting and retaining skilled employees.

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