Making use of Vastu principles in an office or a business location is a part of being prepared to eliminate blockages in the energy that could prevent you and your business from achieving goals you’re setting out to accomplish.

Vastu helps you with placing the objects in its favourable direction and your favourable facing directions which Saral Vaastu derives with the help of Date of birth. Your date of birth derives your Favourable directions which you have to face while sitting on your desk or while facing your favourable directions in a meeting. Using your unfavourable directions will result in lack of productivity and peace of mind.

Vastu is about the placement of objects in its favourable direction to balance the flow of energy and to attract more and more productivity and prosperity.


Here’s some Vastu tips for business what you need to know about how to use Vastu for your business.

De-cluttering Your Workspace

As per Vastu, to increase productivity at your work, De-cluttering your office or workplace is more important. The flow of productivity gets blocked with clutter on your desk or nearby area which results in cluttering up your mind.

Positioning of Your Desk

The success and prosperity of your business are greatly influenced by the position of your desk. The position of your desk has to be in its favourable direction for the growth in your business.

Vastu Chart

Vastu practice relies on the Vastu chart, which is firstly made with the help of your name and Date of birth, Vastu chart determines auspicious directions, colour and number to begin your business with.

Arguments, Office Politicking, Lawsuits

With the help of the Owners Vastu chart, a Floor Plan is being made which shows the ‘Sthans’ or locations, such as wealth location, health location, customer relationship location, etc. to create a peace of mind to everyone in the workplace and to balance a proper flow of energy. Saral Vaastu don’t suggest you structural changes to cure those locations in your work place. Nevertheless, it could be something as simple as re-adjusting the office’s layout or simple Vastu Remedies to improve the relations between people and, consequently, both productivity and the bottom-line.


These Vastu tips for business in our country have been embraced by many to gain its teachings and benefits- benefits that indeed help create a peaceful and successful and profitable workplace.

To have a deep study and understanding about Vastu can take a long time. Book your Vastu experts visit with Saral Vaastu to learn more about this age-old practice that has been enjoyed by faithful followers for centuries now. Besides these Vastu tips for business there are many ways which will suggested by a Saral Vaastu Expert to encourage good Vastu of your place or workplace and in turn a good effect in your business atmosphere, aid workers and wealth in a beneficial way.

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