Can Designing and decorating an office space with Vastu can produce a positive and productive environment? The answer is yes. As we know, Vastu is the art of living in harmony with the natural world.


The space that you live or work is different, but the principles of Vastu remains the same. India has been utilizing the science of Vastu for centuries and lately their counterparts around the world have started practicing Vastu for office and it is practiced with enthusiasm.


This subject is further divided into many different aspects such as business office guidelines, home, wealth, education, health, etc. so that you’ll generally have more control over progress and prosperity.


These few Vastu tips for office can be used for enhancing the flow of positive energy in your office/workplace. Practicing and following these Vastu tips for office can make your office Vastu work for you and you would start noticing the changes.


Having a clutter-free office space will inspire you with confidence, free up your mind and will help you to be optimistic in your reinvigorated working space.
Making use of your favourable colours will help you maintain the balance of energies in your life. Also these colours in the office can enhance the wealth and prosperity area of your office.
Avoid having your sitting position under a beam, as it blocks the flow of positive energy and produces negative energy.
Keep a water fountain or a fresh water body in the office as it produces immense positive energy.
Facing your favourable directions while in meeting provides you with good luck, and this direction can be derived with the help of Vastu Chart
Placement of your desk in your favourable direction is very important as it not only brings you prosperity but also many other scientific terminologies
There is no substitute for natural daylight, having a source or incoming of natural daylight in the office will improve your energy and mood dramatically


A Vastu Chart can help you make your office a Vastu-friendly environment. As it helps you in placement of objects or furniture’s in your office, which are said to stimulate productivity, prosperity and creativity.


There are tons of other Vastu tips for office that you can follow, particularly when you are likely to be concentrating on the growth and development of the office space. Office spaces have received additional value in our current life once you have a tendency to spend more time in the office. Vastu Shastra, as a practice will surely give individuals what they really want.


Saral Vaastu provides you with the perfect Vastu remedies and solutions by preparing the Vastu Chart based on your Date of Birth, which then derives your favourable directions, colours and numbers. By implementing this favourable directions, colours etc. will create a proper balance of positive energy and inner peace of mind what is exactly essential in life, especially in the professional one and this is what Saral Vaastu exactly provides.

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