Shopping is an emotive experience for people – we buy things which makes us and our loved ones happy. When it comes to shopping, the right implementation of Vastu solutions can bring in positivity with quick and immediate results.


A consultation from a Vastu expert is very necessary, as he will help you know with your favourable directions, color and number, which will guide you better to design your shops with placements of objects and color schemes to be used.


Vastu for shops is used to improve the balance of energies to support and boost the people in it. Greeting your customers with a warm welcome is just a way to improve customer traffic to your shop.


Here are few Vastu tips for shops which can help you draw attention in a few distinctive ways:

Having an artwork is very important in Vastu, as it helps to attract good energy in that space
Keep the entrance free from obstacles, as it is said that energy flow through the main door of a house or shops
Keep the shop area and walkway clear and clutter-free so as to let the energy flow freely around you
As far as lighting is concerned, it is advisable for the shop owners to make use of their favourable colour while painting the shops.
Placing the cash counter in its favourable direction as suggested by the Vastu expert will help you attract wealth
Maintain the balance of energies to ensure shop’s long term success, which is possible by implementing the Vastu solutions or remedies as suggested by the Vastu expert, even greater success will follow.
The seating arrangement of the owner and the staff has to done with respect to their favourable direction, as it develops your personal growth and success of your business


These are some of few Vastu tips for shops which can be applied for attracting goodwill and fame. Whereas, Saral Vastu provides you with Vastu remedies and solutions to resolve all the issues with no structural changes or renovation. These remedies and solution are easy to implement and follow them on the daily basis to reach new heights of growth and prosperity.


This wonderful science will not only increase your wealth directly, but will increase your business day by day by attracting more and more people to come in.

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