For an organization, Vastu is very much important. The surrounding of the corporate environment has a huge impact on its Vastu, once the office is made it may not be easy to change. It is always beneficial to seek a Vastu experts advice before any commitment is made. A Vastu inspection can be done for both existing and new offices to create positivity and harmony at work.

Here are some good- and not so good, Vastu tips in Business district-

1) The toilet/bathrooms in the office should not be located in the wealth area, as it might bring a huge loss to the organization.

2) Let the Vastu expert visit the site and conduct the necessary calculations and analysis of all the partners and employees (Based on Date of Birth).

3) Mirrors should be used to visually expand a space if the room is smaller than desired. And avoid having mirrors in bathroom or toilets as it will attract the negative energy.

4) Sharp edges of walls, furniture, etc. in the corporate area can cause health issues, misfortunes and reduce productivity. It is better to avoid them.

5) Having a source of flowing water like a Fountain or any other decorative like fountain will help you to acquire a positive environment in the workplace.

6) The arrangement of furniture and room in the workplace should be according to the Owners/CEO’s Date of Birth.

A Organizations entire fortune depends on the favorable sitting direction. While incorrect directions may bring a clash of elements and can cause havoc with a company’s balance sheet. The favorable direction of the various departments positively contributes to the success of a business. Companies today big or small consult Corporate Saral Vaastu Experts to create Prosperity.

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