Whenever we are given a goal or a target, then we seem to develop an ugly habit of missing them. No matter whatever motivational speech we were given by the speaker, sales guru or whoever. We still miss the goal or target. There are many reasons for this failure but whatever the reason maybe, it always leads to instability for any organization.


Assuming the allocation and goals are reasonable and conceived by someone qualified to set goals, the main reason for not achieving goals can be a lack of competence in selling.


Below are some points which we need to take care to achieve targets or goals

• Lack of persistence
• Have you been over cautious?
• Believe in yourself
• Develop a personality
• Determine what really went wrong
• Improving your metrics
• Setup a system to hit numbers


The most common cause of failure can be procrastination. Most salespeople wait for the time to be right thinking it will make a big difference. But, the actual fact is that the time will never be right, so the best suggestion will be to start where you stand, and with whatever tool you hold, on the other hand, look for better tools as you walk along.


The triumphant people in sale and business profession always knew exactly WHY and WHAT they were doing in their path. It was not because of their professional success it’s because they had a clear vision. And many who are still struggling do not have that beautiful aim.


Having a belief in yourself will increase your sales ability. If you are unable to achieve your targets then it’s like you’re a highly limiting your belief in yourself at the field. Having a belief in yourself can have a positive impact on you to achieve your targets.


We guess you might have established your Sales targets for this year. But if you haven’t then you can crack it down now with this few pointers to help in achieving your goal.


Time is gliding away very fast! If you have achieved your goals then congratulations or you can mark up these few pointers to achieve your target


• Expand your reach
• Improve your value proposition
• Improve your questioning skills
• Ask for referrals
• Perfect your presentations
• Keep your name in your prospect’s mind.
• Improve your selling skills.
• Show customers why they should keep doing business with you


On the other hand, Vastu also can help you to achieve your targets as Vastu for your house or workplace will help you develop a peace of mind at your home or workplace. Vastu with the help of your Date of Birth derives your favourable and unfavourable directions, colours and numbers. Implementing this directions colour and numbers in your daily life will attract more of positive energy, peace of mind, creativity and productivity. Saral Vaastu does not suggest any structural changes in your house or workplace just simple and scientific Vastu remedies are enough to ensure a prosperous and productive life ahead which will help you to achieve targets.

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